Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to store kerosene and how long it can be stored

If you have a kerosene heater for use when the electricity goes out, you may want to have kerosene on hand for that time. In order to do so you must be able to safely store kerosene for later use.

 So how can kerosene be stored?
Kerosene should be stored in new, clean, sealed containers that are clearly marked for kerosene. If you store your kerosene in used drums, milk containers & other used plastic jugs, and/or gasoline cans then your kerosene can become contaminated, which will result in harm to the kerosene wickor even a fire (we recommend this company to help you select your kerosene wick) .

How long can kerosene be stored?
Three months is the longest that we've seen kerosene being recommended for being stored. When kerosene is allowed to stand for longer amounts of time the kerosene will break down and absorb water. Sludge will also develop in the fuel due to bacteria and molds that live in kerosene that feed off of fossil fuels. When fuel with sludge build up in it is used, it will clog the heater and harden the wick.

By keeping your kerosene in good shape your kerosene heater will run more efficiently and last longer.
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