Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wood Stove Accessories

If you have a wood stove then you know that there are certain tools and/or accessories that make life with a wood stove a bit easier. If you are thinking about getting a wood stove you will want to also look into the following items:

Ash Container:

A good ash container is necessary for when you empty the ashes from your stove. The ash container is better than other objects (such as buckets, etc) because they are created to handle the heat of any ashes that may still be smouldering. You will still want to be sure that your ash container is placed in a safe spot until the ashes in it cool COMPLETELY before disposing of your ashes.

Fireplace Tool Set:

This may seem odd, as you have a wood stove, not a fireplace, but the majority of fireplace tools will come in handy with a wood stove as well. Most of the time it is a bit more practical money-wise to purchase a set instead of purchasing all of the tools separately.

Log Carriers, Baskets & Racks:

A log carrier will come in handy when toting your wood indoors from your wood pile. Once inside you will need a place to store the wood that you just carried in. The option of a log basket or a log rack is up to your personal preference. The only benefit to a log rack is that some of them are made to hold more than just your logs. Some log racks can also hold your fire tools that you will often need to be in reach of your wood stove.

Wood Stove Cookware:

The power is out and you are hungry. If you have a wood stove that has a cooking surface on it then so long as you have some wood stove cookware then you are set to make a meal. Cookware for a wood stove is typically cast iron. This makes the cookware more durable for use on a wood stove.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kerosene Heater Information

Now is the time to make sure your kerosene heater is working, as you don't want it to go out if you need it during the winter. First step is to be sure you have enough kerosene heater wicks on hand if they are needed.

We have written some blogs in the past about kerosene heaters, here is each with a description of what they are about. We hope these are beneficial to you:

Kerosene Heater Wick Info: how to clean burn your kerosene heater, when to change your wicks.

Kerosene Heater Odors: what they mean.

Storing Kerosene: how to store and how long.

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