Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Polish a Woodstove (Cast Iron)

If your stove has aged some and isn't as pretty as it once was, you might want to consider investing in some woodstove polish.

Wood stove polish has natural waxes in it that protect and nurture the metal that the stove is made of.

How to polish:
  1. Get a good polish. Williams Stove Polish or Rutland Stove Polish Paste are two good ones. (Be sure to read the directions that come with these to be sure they are not different from these instructions. If they are it is best to go with the manufacturer of the product's instructions).
  2.  Procure some latex gloves, as this polish can stay on your hands quite well.
  3. You will probably want a quality paint brush to apply the polish with. You don't want bristles falling off onto the stove. (The brush will come in hand to get small or detailed areas on the stove). Oh and you'll also need a nice clean lint-less towel. I've used the old cloth baby diapers for projects that need to have no lint left behind, with good results in the past.
  4.  Apply polish to your stove per the package instructions. 
  5. Once the polish is dried if you so choose you can hand buff the stove for a lovely shine. 

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  1. Our cast iron wood burning stove was looking grey and unhappy so,on the advice of a wood burner retailer we cleaned it with WD40. The satin effect, rich black appearance was just what was needed until we lit it up in the evening and had to open the windows and leave the room until the smoking and fumes had cleared. All of our smoke alarms were raging and the smell was dreadful.We are tempted to try again using a proprietary cleaner but after this recent experience feel quite reticent in case these also have to "burn off." Help please :-)


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