Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Stoke a Wood Stove Fire

Knowing how to properly stoke a wood stove fire is an important part of owning a stove. Proper stoking will help to keep the wood burning properly in order to keep your home heated. 

Items you will need:
Firewood (properly dried and split)

When you are stoking a fire you, it is after the fire you already started is getting low. (To start a wood stove fire read: http://woodstoveoutlet.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-to-start-fire-in-wood-stove_25.html)

1. Poke your red hot coals with your fire poker and form them into an even bed of coals. Lay two pieces of firewood parallel to one another on top of the bed of coals. Close the vent on the front of the wood stove door to where it is closed halfway. Wait for about one hour then check wood.

2. If the two pieces of wood that you put in before are now coals you will want to add two more pieces. If they are still formed logs, close the woodstove door and wait for about 30 minutes before checking again. Once the wood is coals repeat Step 1 again. 

It is advisable to check your woodstove at least once an hour.


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  2. Great tips! I'll have to start using that on my wood stove that I have in my shed. Usually I just toss in the logs and basically forget them.

  3. I bought one of these heat exchangers from ChimneyHeaters.com and it is Stainless Steel. The rest of the pipes in my house are Copper and some plastic. I get a tremendous amount of heat from this thing and I am worried that it will melt the copper or plastic tubing.

    The heat coming out of the Chimney Heater is about 190f does anyone know if this is to hot for the copper or Plastic pipes in my House?

    1. We contacted Copperfield, and their tech says for you to contact the place where you purchased this from-- plastic pipes and 190 degrees do not go together..the place you purchased it from should have guidelines in the instructions provided for you and these heat exchangers are very good at creating alot of creosote.


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