Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wood Stove Smoking into Room

Are you noticing smoke inside your home when the stove is burning or when you've opened the door to load additional wood.

Here are the things you need to check:
  • Chimney Cap: these can become clogged, most chimney caps have spark screens and cold, wet, damp weather can cause the screen to attract more embers than it should and it will then clog up.
    -Issues that can add to the clogging of the chimney cap include: wet wood, small fires, and damping down the stove too early. But this is an easy solution. Clean your chimney cap and the smoke should go out.
  • Draft: if the issue is not with the chimney cap, then you may not have a good draft. This could be due to the flue being cold. Some recommend to "pre-heat" the flue prior to lighting the fire.
  • Dirty Chimney: This can cause decreased room for the smoke to exhaust. Keeping your wood stove and chimney clean and properly maintenance will help to prevent this. You should clean your wood stove and chimney a minimum of once a year, but it is recommended to have your chimney cleaned for every 2 cords of wood that are burned through your wood stove.

Edit we have had a tip added in a comment on this pin on Pinterest:
Quote from Aaron J. on Pinterest: "Great advice, one other thing that might cause back smoke is an incorrectly sized chimney liner or a cracked liner."

Thanks for the tip Aaron!

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