Friday, December 28, 2012

Why you need a Wood Stove Thermometer

If you own and use a wood or coal stove, then you should have a wood stove thermometer. The stove thermometer will tell you if your wood stove is operating efficiently at just a glance.

The Rutland stove thermometer is designed so that you can easily see if your stove is burning at a temperature that can cause creosote build up.

Installation instructions for the Rutland Stove thermometer are as follows:
Install thermometer on the vertical single wall pipe of your coal or wood stove.
The recommended placement of the thermometer is not more than 6" above the surface of the stove. However, the thermometer may also be placed on the top surface of the stove.
A safety wire is provided to prevent the unit from dropping if it becomes overheated.
The most efficient burn zone may vary, depending on specific stove or area of stove or pipe surface being measured.
Be sure to consult your stove owner manual for proper burn temperatures as each stove can be different.

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