Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Curing a Wood Stove

If you have a new wood stove it will need to be cured. The paint that is on your new wood stove is the reason for the need to be cured.

So how do you cure a wood stove?

Open your damper door. Take single sheets of newspaper and crumple them into loose balls and fill the bed of your wood stove with them.
Add some small pieces of kindling (do not use leaves or pine needles in this process).
Light your newspaper with a match. Do not use any flammable agents to light it.
Once your newspaper and kindling are burning well add 2 very small pieces of firewood to your wood stove - about 1/4" diameter or less.
Once the firewood is burning well close your stove door and allow the fire to burn out completely.
Let your stove cool down completely and repeat the curing process two or three times.
The amount of smoke produced by this process should be minimal.

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