Thursday, January 10, 2013

Basic Pellet Stove Tips

For those of you that are new to pellet stoves here are a few tips to help get you started:

Our first tip is a simple tip, but it is important. Be sure to read the owners/instruction manual that came with your pellet stove. As with any type of appliance instructions can vary between brands and models. If you have misplaced or cannot find your owner's manual then you will want to try contacting the company that manufactures the stove you own to see if they can mail you a copy or email a .pdf version of it.

The correct type of pellets can make a big difference in how efficient your pellet stove is. Pellet stoves do NOT use firewood like you would use in a wood stove. Instead, a pellet stove uses compressed pellets. These pellets are designed specifically to use in your pellet stove. Most of the pellets are wood compressed pellets, but there are other options for pellets such as waste paper pellets and grass pellets.

Before you use your pellet stove for the first time you will need to check that your stove pipes and venting meet your local building requirements. You want to do this to be sure that your set-up is safe to use. When you install your stove refer to your manufacturer's instructions. Make sure all your stove pipe seams are sealed properly. High temperature caulk or stove cement can be used to seal these seams. Be sure to use a type of stove cement that is recommended for stove pipe.

To start up your stove you will need to read your instructions as each pellet stove manufacturer configures their pellet stoves differently for the start up process. If you fail to follow your manufacturer's start-up instructions problems can be created with the pellet stove's operation. To shut off your stove you will need to use the controls to set the shut off for your unit. Do not unplug the stove to shut it down, the stove needs to cool down before it completely shuts itself off.

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