Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tips for Keeping Indoor Wood Stacks Clean

When toting wood into your home to keep on hand for those days when the weather is below freezing and you don't want to be outdoors anymore than you have to can cause quite a mess. Even the wood stack itself seems to be dirty some days. Sometimes it seems like wood chips can be found in nearly every nook and corner of your home. So how can we keep those wood stacks contained and as neat as possible?

One tip to help keep wood chips and dirt off of the floor and from being tracked around your home is to have a large boot tray setting underneath your firewood rack. This tray will catch everything that falls off of the wood, keeping it contained until you are ready to clean it up. Some people keep these wood chips to use as a fire starter helper.

Also be sure to check any wood for signs of bug infestation. These should either be put directly into the fire or not stored in your home. If you leave these pieces of wood in your firewood rack then you are inviting the bugs to warm up and spend the winter in your home.

What are your tips for keeping your indoor wood stack neat and tidy?

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  1. I keep 6 x face cords or 2 x full cords stacked for a year in my driveway. Once the days start to get shorter and before the November rains start, I cover the wood with tarps. I then uncover part of my stacked wood and haul a face cord at a time into an outbuilding, throughout the winter as needed, there it dries out if it's gotten a bit moist. From the outbuilding, I then bring a dozen logs at a time into the house and place them in a log rack beside the wood stove. This keeps the bulk of the wood chips and bugs outside. That old saying by Henry Ford is correct though...'Wood warms you several times' before you burn it...


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