Friday, January 7, 2011

Benefits of Woodstoves

Many people are frustrated with how high their electricity bill can get in the winter.  And as cold as it has been lately, (and with all of the snow we've had, especially here in SW Virginia) its easy to see what the cause of this increase in spending on electricity is.  Wood stoves are a great alternative to using electrical, oil, or propane heat.  Not only can they help lower your power bill, but they are also a great back up plan for your heating when/if your power fails.

With wood, it is typically cheaper and easier to purchase vs. Oil or propane.  It is also a renewable resource.  Which is always a good thing.  And depending on the type of wood you are burning, it can burn at a much slower rate than oil or propane does.  And as for decor, woodstoves can add a unique old world feel to the room that they are in.

But before you make the purchase of a wood stove you will want to see if there are any local building regulations regarding wood heating in your city or county, you will also want to figure out what size wood stove you will need.  Safety is always a first!

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