Monday, January 3, 2011

Woodstove Outlet

Hello and welcome to our first blog.  We are Woodstove Outlet, and things are in full swing for the New Year already.  We cannot believe that 2010 went by so quickly.  We are owned and operated by Red Hill General Store which has a brick and mortar location in Hillsville, VA.  You should stop by and see us there if you live close enough we are located just outside the town limits of Hillsville, at 1035 Sylvatus Hwy. (Rt. 100)
In our online store and at Red Hill General Store we offer Woodstoves and accessories, Fireplace accessories, Stovepipe, Kerosene heater wicks, Chimney accessories, and more!  So feel free to check out all our links, leave comments/suggestions, bookmark us, etc.  We love to interact with our customers and readers!  Feedback is always a plus!

To get you started feel free to read:

How to Change a Kerosene Heater Wick
Woodstoves - History
3 Fireplace Myths

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