Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dry Air from Wood Stove Heat

Some people have found that by using a wood stove in their home that the air seems to be dryer. This would be an accurate observation by a wood stove owner. Heat from a wood stove is a dry heat and can reduce the moisture in the air of your home.

So what can be done to remedy this situation? There are a couple options.

The first option is to use a wood stove steamer. A wood stove steamer is used by filling it with water and setting it on top of your wood stove. The heat from the stove converts the water to steam. This will add moisture to your air. It is advisable to place a wood stove trivet under your steamer in order to avoid cracks or dings being added to your wood stove. Some people also use the wood stove steamer to add nice aromas to their home by adding a few drops of an essential oil of their choice to the water in the steamer.

The second option to add moisture to the air in your home is to use a humidifier. Be sure to select one that is appropriate for your needs and follow the manufacturer's instructions on your unit.

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