Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tips on Using a Kerosene Heater

Having a heat source like a kerosene heater does take some safety precautions. When you purchase your kerosene heater you should first read all the instructions that come with them and be sure to store these instructions in a safe place so that you know where to find them if you ever need to refer to them in the future.

When using a kerosene heater you need to be sure to use only water-clear 1-K grade Kerosene in  your heater. Never use gasoline. Gasoline in a kerosene heater, even in very small amounts can greatly increase the risk of an explosion or fire. For this reason you should also NOT use any volatile fuels or solvents mixed with your kerosene that you are using in your heater.

Be sure that when you are storing your kerosene that you keep in a container that is recommended for kerosene use, also do not use a container that has gasoline previously stored in it. To help you remember which container is for kerosene use, you should label it. (Read more on Kerosene Storage)

Do not refuel your kerosene heater inside of your home. You should fill the tank outside, away from any combustible material, and be sure that the heater has been turned off and allowed time to cool before refilling. Also be mindful that you do not fill your fuel tank above the full level.

Be sure that smoke alarms are installed in your home before using a kerosene heater. Be sure to test your alarms monthly and replace annually. You also should have a fire extinguisher in your home, these tips are useful for any home regardless of whether a kerosene heater is being used or not.

If operating your heater inside a home you need to operate it in a room that has a door open to the rest of the house, be sure to have an outside window open at least 1 inch to allow fresh air to dilute pollutants. Do not leave the heater unattended.

Always, and we mean always, operate your heater according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also, be sure that the wick in your heater is clean and in good operating condition, if it is not, it will need to be replaced (Read more on Replacing a Kerosene Heater Wick)

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