Friday, October 19, 2012

Maintenancing your Stove Pipe

Quality steel stove pipe will last for many years, but there are some things that can cause premature failure of the stove pipe.

What can cause stove pipe premature failure?
  • Corrosion from acidic condensed flue gases. Flue temperatures need to be high enough to prevent water condensation to prevent this.
  • Corrosive gases that are present when burning household trash. To prevent this, do not burn household trash in your wood or pellet stove.
  • Excessive temperature. If your stovepipe is glowing hot then it will have a shortened life expectancy.
  • Humid weather can also cut down on the life of your stove pipe.
Be sure to check your stove pipe frequently for weaknesses in the metal and be sure to have your chimney sweep check it during your yearly inspection & cleaning. This will help to reveal faults in the pipe, hopefully before they have time to become a hazard.

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